2015 IFA Trends

Kicked off September 5th the IFA Conference goes through September 9th this year.  Based upon what we are reading, there seems to be 4 trends this year: Smartwatches, UHD TVs, Smart Homes & the US lag.


We’ve not been able to justify getting one of these gadgets although we have family and friends who have 2 or more.  We’ve just found them to be a bit too bulky and not really all that warranted for our lifestyle.  It would appear we are not the only ones turned off by the bulky wrist gadgets.  Huawei, Samsung and Motorola have all re-thought their smart watches. Introducing the use of high quality materials and round faces has gone a long way to improve their looks but they still have not thinned down to the Apple Watch just yet.  Thus, we shall sit this round of smartwatches out and see what comes around next year.


UHD TV is something of debate around the Code Monkey Hut.  One Code Monkey is greatly intrigued with all things HD while the other is less intrigued. However, Philips Ambilight projection debuted at IFA may be what makes UHD TV a must for both of us. From Philips’s page:

  • Revolutionary Philips Ambilight projection system frees the image from the set and brings the screen’s action to life on the wall surrounding the TV
  • Ambilight moves on up to the next level thanks to nine rear mounted pico-projectors extending the on-screen image in great detail and contrast
  • Ultra-narrow bezel ensures the sharp, detailed 4k Ultra HD image seamlessly connects with Ambilight projection providing an immersive TV experience as never seen before.
  • Slim frame and blade wire stand finished in premium materials, for a TV that looks as great as it performs
  • Pixel Precise Ultra HD converts content into stunning UHD resolution and offers smooth, yet sharp moving images and exceptional contrast
  • Philips AmbiLux delivers an enhanced Android TV™ Smart TV experience

The Android TV experience caught both our attention as well as the way the features combine and how these features will visually enhance our music experience.  And while one of us is still not exactly convinced all those extra pixels are really worth it (given our 18 x 18 viewing room) at least we are are both finding more reasons to upgrade to UHD sooner than later.  Wonder how long until we swap out our HD monitors to UHD.

Smart Homes

Okay, this one is something of a slippery slope. We LOVE the convenience and pure geek behind smart appliance/home features. But there is just something a bit too Pulse/Maximum Overdrive running around in the back of our heads.  That said, second morning Keynote Speaker, Dinesh Paliwal, President, Chairman and CEO of HARMAN shared his passion and vision for how Smart Audio will ultimately lead to more smart homes. With 300 million interconnected device users currently expected to double by 2016, Paliwal’s conclusion: “Smart audio has only just begun” rings a pure bell.

US Lag

We seriously doubt we need to explain this one.