Ask Mrs. Code Monkey

On the second Tuesday of every month at 9pm Eastern Mrs. Code Monkey hosts a call where you get to pick her big brain with all your health and wellness related questions! Well…those germane to the topic of the month anyway.

Ha…betcha didn’t think this old Code Monkey had a word like that floating around in his brain…see what happens when you add Fat Head Spread to your diet!

Ask Mrs Code MonkeyOne catch, to be on the call you have to be a “Healthy Monkey” Troop member

This month the Ask Mrs. Code Monkey call is FREE, simply join our mailing list for an invite!

Mrs. Code Monkey will spend the first 15 minutes or so of the call talking about the Topic of the Month and then open the lines for your comments, questions and general hilarity. Mr. Code Monkey will be monitoring our IRC Channel (#CodeMonkeyHealth on Freenode) and passing any questions and PG rated comments into the call as well. We’re planning about an hour for each month’s call.