Full Body Movement

Every 3 to 4 hours

A 2012 meta-analysis of 18 different studies found individuals who spent a lot of time sitting were significantly more likely to have have diabetes or heart disease compared to those who sat for less time. By significantly, we mean twice as likely.

Full Body MovementMaking a full body movement takes about 90 seconds. This brief amount of time is sufficient to increase blood flow, help alleviate lower back pain, reduce stress, improve sleep and help reduce other discomforts associated with extended periods of sitting.

A good routine will begin with you standing and working muscle groups from your neck to your feet and back to your neck (if time permits) and take no more than 3 minutes. The routine should be fluid, almost like a slow dance.

Before you begin your routine you may want to take a moment to shake loose. This is done by standing with your feet about hip width apart and shifting your weight between your left and right side. First at only your feet, then add your legs, hips, back and arms. Do not intentionally shake your head or neck.




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