Good News for Winter Blues

Have you ever felt the Winter Blues? For many of us the winter months can have us feeling a bit “off our game”. Whether it’s the change in natural light, temperature or maybe just all the holiday foods we eat – keeping a bright mental outlook and healthy brain function can be a challenge during the season. This is why we make up extra roasted soybeans and keep our office diffuser running with a citrus mint essential oil blend. The extra soy helps promote brain health and studies suggest it can also stave off dementia as well as cognitive decline. The citrus mint blend helps elevate mood and increase mental alertness. If you do not have essential oils or an office diffuser you can create a similar experience using one bag each of a citrus and mint tea such as Bigelow’s Lemon Lift and Mint Medley. You can breathe in the fragrance from the cup and even take a few sips for an extra boost.

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