How would one go about stretching the muscles on the front of one’s shins, if one wanted to do such a thing

Great question from @kayladnls via Twitter!

shin-muscle-stretchThere are several stretches which come to mind. But first, tight or sore shins could be a sign of a stress fracture or hairline crack of the fibula or tibia bone(s) aka lower leg bones. If that is the case one should consult their primary care practitioner before attempting any exercise program.

Another common condition is Medial tibial stress syndrome aka shin splints. This can happen when the muscles attaching to the inner side of your tibia are inflamed. If this is the case one should consider consulting their primary care practitioner, particularly if one is a member of the “no pain, no gain” fitness tribe.

Here are the stretches I use as a starting point with my clients who
a) have shin splints and want relief from the pain
b) do not have shin splints and want to reduce their risk of developing them
c) have really tight or sore lower leg muscles and want relief

There are 4 top stretches that come to mind.


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Let me know how these work for you.

Be Well,

Rebecca McGrane
Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

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