Our Focus (the TL/DR)

Simple Sustainable Systems

Whether you're chained to your desk or the gym is simply not your thing (I know it's not mine!) health and wellness are important.

Code Monkey Health "feels your pain" and has created a comprehensive guide that provides a full workout you do in bits and pieces throughout the day...right where you are! Our workout gives you the same benefits of a vigorous 30 minute work out with no equipment, no sweat (unless you sweat at the drop of a hat like I do), no need for a shower and no need to leave your desk - unless you want to.

On top of that our guide is full of great tips and tricks for eating better and loosing weight. And -BONUS- following our guide will help you offset the binges, whether they be daily, weekly or every once in a while.

Overall, it's an easy to incorporate (even though it looks like a lot) daily routine that will have you feeling and looking better in no time!

All Code Monkey Health Guides, Resources and Programs address one or more of the four key elements of our overall well-being.